Hermes of Mayfair Ltd are a commodity trading company specialising in non-ferrous, ferrous and precious metals.

Our team have established themselves over the past 5 decades as reliable members of the trading community in the trading of all forms of refined metals and raw materials across the globe.

We have established our new base of operations from Mayfair in London, whilst maintaining our Indian & Middle East Offices.

What We Do

We supply metals and associated raw materials from source to wholesale and end consumers at prices which provide us with a competitive advantage. We achieve this through our conservative risk management culture, market intelligence, experienced and innovative trading practices. Our customer and supplier base benefits from Hermes of Mayfair Ltd’s service model across the commodity value chain.

General Trading

We believe in delivering excellence at every step of the non-ferrous metal trade. We maintain close relationships with our worldwide contacts who are prime participants in non-ferrous metal industry. We are actively involved in trading and are backed by prestigious ring members brokers and producers.

Our experienced and dedicated staff can cater to all your metals needs. At Hermes of Mayfair we are committed to meeting your requirements with first class services and after sales care.

Hermes of Mayfair has strong financial capability and welcome customers for one-off trades or for the long term. Hermes of Mayfair acts as a principal trader and have developed many long term relationships with buyers of metals from the world over in a short span since its inception.

At Hermes of Mayfair, we are process oriented and treat our customers as our partners and try our best to provide the best services that we can, to help them keep their focus and their business rather than worry about documentation and other formalities.

Our good relations with banks , insurance companies and shipping companies enable us to offer you the most competitive prices for all LME traded metals from any of their warehouses as well as non-LME metals directly from producers or our stocks.



All grades of LME Registered brands from various warehouses around the world. Aluminium wire rods of 9.5mm diameter in Coils, Aluminium Alloy 6063 Billets & other alloys of Aluminium tailor made as per your requirements.


Primary Nickel conform to one of the following Standards: i) ASTM specification B39-79 (2013) – min 99.80% purity ii) GB/T 6516-2010 – Ni9990 grade, Cathodes (full plate and cut), pellets, briquettes.


Standard LME Registered Lead ingots having a minimum of 99.97% purity. Refined unregistered Lead ingots with a 99.985% purity from smelters. We can also supply remelted Lead.


Special high-grade zinc of 99.995% purity (minimum) LME registered and 99.98% High Grade zinc from the Middle East.


LME Registered Copper Cathodes with a 99.99% purity. Non-LME Registered Copper Cathodes or Plated, 8 mm LME registered Copper wire rods 99.99% purity (CWR) and Copper remelted ingots of various purities.


Tin of 99.85% purity (minimum) conforming to BS EN 610:1996 LME Registered Ingots shape.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our goal is to ensure that every transaction is carbon neutral and that the environment from where we source our materials is developed to be sustainable and responsible. We work to educate with local communities on the benefits of nurturing the environment and methods to reduce pollution. This is why Hermes of Mayfair Limited has begun to expand into ethical and green household and agricultural products as well as working with communities to produce other items such as clothing and most recently working to produce social environmentally efficient housing with our wider Group.

Hermes of Mayfair Ltd

We are a commodity trading company specialising in non-ferrous, ferrous and precious metals.

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